Manchivadu Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is

Just like the previous films produced under Super Good Banner


Raja (Tanish) is a normal village bumpkin whose doings often leads to humiliation of his grandfather (K. Vishwanath). For certain auspicious occasion one day a cousin (Bhama) of Raja along with her family comes to stay with Raja and his grandfather laying way for Raja to love her at first sight. Though the girl is unaware of Raja’s feelings towards her, Raja with the aid of his friend (Raghubabu) devises a plan to gain her sympathy. Anyhow this planning of Raja misfires and places him in a position where he comes across a situation of loosing her. Rest of the story is all about how Raja undoes his deeds and saves his cousin from the situation they have come across.

What’s slightly entertaining?

Few songs which have been composed by Shilpi are pleasant to listen apart from which there is nothing special or distinctive about the movie to look out for.

What bores you?

There is nothing new in the story written by Lakshminaryana also these type of stories are best suited when the cast includes someone from the stardom like Venkatesh who has prior experience with this kind of movies.


The acting prowess of Tanish has to be decided by the audience whether he has justified his role that has been shaped according to the characterization specified by the director and writer. Bhama does not fulfill here scene of sympathy for Raja efficiently which clearly points to the fate of the movie towards the end even before it has begun.


This film would have been a success at giving out good moral to the society about diminishing relationships had it been released before two decades. This movie story is enough to show the importance of story writing.

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