Manasara Movie Review!

Ravi Babu’s another directorial ‘Manasara’ has been released today, this film has new faces vikram and divya sree in the lead roles.

In this film Vikram is a weak heart guy. He has parents (Krishnamohan, Ushasree). Krishnamohan is a bank employee and Ushasree is housewife. They all time fight each other for silly reasons. Krishnamohan gets transferred to Rajapalayam in Kerala. Rajapalayam is a small place which dominated by culture and tradition, not by law. All of the issues are decided by kalari Payattu, the martial art.

In Rajapalayam vikram’s family rent a house and lives in the house of Krishan Kutty(Bhanuchander). In some festival Vikram sees Anjali (Sri Devi) and it is love at first sight. Divya was already facing problems with her own brother in law Rajan Pillai (George) who is the champion in Kalari Payattu. Rajan Pillai is trying to marry her but she doesn’t like Rajan Pillai. After two months both Vikram and Anjali fall in love. However, the matter leaks and exposed to all. Kalari Payattu, the ancient martial art is the way to solve the problem. Vikram time comes to fight with Rajan Pillai the champion in Kalari Payattu.


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