Manalo Okkadu Movie Review – Bold Attempt On Media

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Changing professions is so common to go to another level of their respective career. Telugu film industry is not an exception to that. Many have changed their professions like music directors becoming actors, actors becoming directors and so many. R P Patnaik, who was a celebrated music director who had given super hit melodious songs turned into director. He has directed nearly six movies out of which Broker got him much applause. He is trying to tell the harsh truths of the society in a bold manner. He is coming with “Manalo Okadu” which is based on current media. He is so sure that it will create some controversies as it is releasing today. Let’s see how it works on us.


Saikumar in Manalo Okkadu
Manalo Okkadu Movie Images

Krishnamurthy (R P Patnaik) is a chemistry lecture who stays with his wife in Devaraya junior college. He is a good person who is loved by all and never compromises on his ethics. One day, he is affected by a wrong molestation news on him by Mudo Kannu news channel. All the image he had in the society and the job is lost with this news. He contacts the news channel about the news where media rejects his plea about giving clarified news and rectifying their mistake. Hurt by this he files a defamation case against the news channel and it get misfired with the moves of news channel. What is the news that affected him?? How he fought against media forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

R P Patnaik as Krishnamurthy is fine in his character. He failed to emote in the required way in some scenes. Anita as R P Patnaik’s wife is good. Raghubabu is good as editor of Mudo Kannu news channel. Duvvasi Mohan is fine. Sri Mukhi is impressive in her role. Sai Kumar is superb choice for his role. Jaya Prakash Reddy is good. Nassar and Thanikella Bharani are nice. Benarjee is good. All other actors are fine.

Writing Department

Manalo Okkadu Photos
Manalo Okkadu Photos

Story of Manalo Okadu is good and is a reality about current media.Screenplay is mediocre and dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Music by R P Patnaik is fine. He has not done any magic with his background score also. Cinematography by Siddharth is just okay. There is nothing about his visuals we should talk about. Editing by Uddhav is fine. Production values are okay.


  • Some Scenes On Media


  • Screenplay
  • Over dramatisation of scenes


Manalo okadu is a movie made on media and it’s negative propaganda. It begins with the showcase of R P Patnaik as “Ramudu manchi baaludu” type. Scenes showcasing his nature and behavior are not so entertaining and audience seem to be bored. With the progression of the film screenplay doesn’t give much interesting experience to audience. It becomes interesting where news channel shows news on him and it doesn’t continue in that upward trend. Interval comes where his case is striked off by the judged as his lawyer proves it as a false case. Generally we find elevation scenes in movies of star heroes where hero is appreciated with impactful dialogues, R P Patnaik also used the same scenes to elevate himself. Second half is all about RP fighting against media in which he has shown the true colors of media in a dramatic and cinematic way. Director R P Patnaik made sure he touch most of the topics in which media fails in conveying true news. Over dramatisation of the scenes is the spoiler of the movie. This may be a bold attempt from R P Patnaik but it is not uptp the level where it qualifies as a movie which connects well with the audience. To summarise, Manalo Okadu is a bold attempt pointing the mistakes of media.

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