Man kills 2-yr-old for crying during World Cup

A man beat his two-year-old stepdaughter then suffocated her to death in an American town for crying during a World Cup football match between the US and Ghana which the latter won. To make the killing look accidental, he jammed a screw down her throat.

Hector Castro, 28, has been arrested for murdering in McAllen city in Texas Saturday. Ghana beat the US 2-1.
The Monitor quoted McAllen police chief Victor Rodriguez as saying: "There are no words for this. It makes you want to think about doing lots of things to this guy, but he will face the criminal justice system just like everybody else."
Castro told the police that he was looking after his stepdaughter as he tried to watch the World Cup match on television on Saturday afternoon.

Rodriguez said that the girl would not stop crying and Castro gave the girl a severe beating that broke several of her ribs before suffocating the girl.

He then shoved a screw down her throat in an attempt to make the suffocation appear accidental.

"It’s unimaginable. I just can’t fathom, you know, a grown adult person beating a two-year-old to death. I have grandkids and it’s just impossible for me to imagine this kind of behaviour," he added. (IANS)


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