Man behind defaming Aamir Khan caught

There were some controversial rumours spread lately that Aamir Khan is doing active fund raising for the Islamic community. These rumours were all over the internet, defaming the image of the actor with religion based allegations. While Aamir Khan plainly ignored these false rumours, the police went working hard to trace the culprit who started them. Finally, they were successful as the IP address at a place in Kozhikode, Kerala was identified in the investigation.


The police is currently interrogating the suspect who is a former government official. The man was posting bogus rumours on the social networking websites stereotyping Aamir to be pro Islam. Aamir Khan’s charity trust called Humanity Trust that recently featured in the program Satyameva Jayate was discussed. This trust has manforce from an organization that works for contruction of mosques and welfare of the Muslim Youth.

But Aaamir clearly denied those allegations stating that all the donations collected during the show are given to the social cause and are being used appropriately for the society as a whole.

The trust which Satyamev Jayate was associated with in Season 1is Humanity Trust, Hanakpur, West Bengal, which is run by the locals Dr Ajoy Mistry and his mother Subhasini Mistry and it has nothing to do with Masjid construction, he clarified.

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