Man arrested for marrying step sister in Pakistan

Pakistani police has arrested a man in Punjab province for allegedly marrying his step-sister and booked the couple under the Hudood Ordinance, a controversial Islamic law. The incident occurred in Kasur district, located 50 km from Lahore. Police arrested Muhammad Younus on the orders of the Lahore High Court. Justice Waqar Hasan Mir on Wednesday ordered the district police chief to register a case under the Hudood Ordinance against Younus and his step-sister Uzma for getting married. The judge also directed police to register cases against Younus’s parents Hanifa Bibi and Liaquat Ali. "We have arrested Younus and are conducting raids to arrest his parents and Uzma," a police official said. Under the Hudood Ordinance, persons found guilty of having an illicit relationship can be punished whipping with 100 lashes. Uzma’s father Muhammad Akbar said his wife Hanifa Bibi, in connivance with her former husband Liaquat Ali and son Younus, got Uzma "illegally" detained in a women’s home after marrying her off to Younus. "Uzma and Younus are step-brother and step-sister and cannot get married to each other under Islamic laws. Younus committed a sin and must be punished under the Hudood laws," he said. After receiving a DNA test report which established that Uzma was related to Younus, the judge disposed of a petition filed by Uzma’s father with directions to the police to proceed against Younus and his parents in accordance with the law. He also directed police to register a case against Younus and Uzma under the Hudood law. The controversial Hudood Ordinance, which many describe as a black law, was introduced during the regime of late military ruler Gen Zia-ul-Haq. Some of its clauses were repealed during former dictator Gen Pervez Musharraf’s rule in 2006.(PTI)

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