Mamta Mohandas suffers Cancer Relapse

Actress Singer Mamta Mohandas proved her talents more than once not so long ago, till she was bogged by her troubling marriage and a sudden diagnosis of Cancer. Mamta fought the disease bravely, and overcame her emotional turmoil. However, the sad news is that the lady is once again suffering with a relapse.

Mamta is currently undergoing the treatment once again and is quite bold and confident. She stated that this has only made her stronger. Speaking to a newspaper tabloid, she said, "Every setback in life will make you stronger. When i came to know about the cancer relapse, i was quite disappointed. However, i have come to terms with it and i am now mentally stronger than before".

Tollywood could not see much of Mamta due to this and we sure hope that she will battle it all out and emerge a winner once again!

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