Mamta Mohandas fighting cancer the second time

Mamta Mohandas with Cancer second time

Actress Mamta Mohandas proved once before what courage and determination can do to a person while battling a deadly disease like Cancer – irrespective of what and who they are. The actress was swinging high with her career in Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood, when suddenly she was diagnosed with the life threatening condition a few years ago. Mamta was not frazzled. She took it in her stride and underwent treatment, successfully coming out of it. Only now, after a long time, the gutsy girl has been once again diagnosed with the cancer cells. Mamta had recently posted her selfie on her social networking page before her final chemo to kick the monster, stating to one and all what perseverance and strength can do while dealing with issues in life.


Mamta is well known for her many talents. She first made an entry with her unconventional voice, singing for item songs. Later, she was recognized to have the beauty and grace to act and immediately was offered some interesting roles on the silver screen, including that of a leading lady. Mamta played her roles really well, proving that she was a woman of versatility.

Things were going good till few years ago when Mamta was divorced and diagnosed with cancer all simultaneously. This was really the toughest phase of her life. Mamta is now on the verge of a smashing comeback with the Malayalam flick, “To Noora With Love”

Cancer had been prominently prevailing among the celebrities and common man alike in the country. The other celebrities who bravely fought the condition to emerge into a new lease life include actresses Gauthami, Lisa Ray and recently, Manisha Koirala. All this points to one thing – more count of leading women than men to fall prone to tragic setbacks. Hopefully Mamta also completely comes out of this situation and wins over to surge into newer horizons in life.


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