Mammootty’s Munnariyippu trailer out!

Mammootty’s upcoming movie, Munnariyippu, has maintained a low profile so far without making known its genre or plot details to the fandom at large and now, following that pattern, the movie has released its trailer without much ado!


Actually, the message from the crew accompanying the trailer on its FB page is that ‘like the movie here’s the trailer too without any notice’. A clever reference to the title of the flick which means ‘notice’ or ‘warning’.

The movie itself looks extremely intriguing with the genre being something between a drama and a thriller. The music treatment of the melancholic violin too gives the trailer a big boost.

The story is about an ex convict named Raghavan (Mammootty), who was imprisoned for a double homicide and Aparna Gopinath plays the journalist who gets interested in him and writes about him. But the trailer, which starts of as a perplexing drama, soon shifts gear in to a tense suspense thriller with the investigation into the actual crime for which Raghavan was committed taking the front seat.

Raghavan’s constant assertion of his innocence and the elegant remarks about life from the ordinary man behind bars, gives the trailer a rather noir film feel.

The film also boasts the first appearance of four real life veteran directors on screen in acting roles – almost all of them playing journalists. The entire movie gives off the vibe of an investigative thriller with some interesting but raw characters, filmed and produced in a polished way.

So hats off to Venu, the director, for letting the trailer get people interested, and not over the top promotional antics, pretty much every movie these days resorts to.

The flick has been produced by Ranjith under the banner of the Gold Coin productions, and was scripted by Unni R.

Watch Here For Munnariyippu trailer:

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