Mammootty to dissolve his Fan’s Association?

There have been unconfirmed reports that megastar Mammootty is thinking about dissolving his fan’s association for many reasons which he feels disturbed by.


Apparently, the legendary actor feels his fan’s association’s actions are getting out of hand and this struck him when some of his fans allegedly abused director B Unnikrishnan on his Facebook page. Mammukka (as he is called by his fans and peers) is also keenly aware of the religious agendas and propaganda being spread under his name, and this too is causing him much concern.

It is therefore the logical step to disband the club, so to speak, as in an industry which is already in crisis such acts in his name would only dent his hard earned popularity and respect in the eyes of the audience. A sad day indeed, when the fans of a great actor take things far enough for him to think of such drastic steps.

Many actors have fans associations and in some cases, some members or misguided leadership may result in such harm. It then besmirches and diminishes the many good and charitable things such associations do in the actor’s name or on his instructions.

While idolizing your hero is not necessarily a bad thing, you have to hold on to your own values and make sure the umbrella of grandeur provided by your object of admiration is not a platform for you to misbehave.

Superstar Ajithkumar who has a loyal fan following of millions took a similar step a few years back. Let’s hope the hardcore fans of all actors recognize the fact that while heroes and heroines and villains are important and to be respected for their skills and talent, the thing that comes first is the art of movie making and the industry that supports it.

No one person can rise above that fact…

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