Mamata’s costly gifts to Bachans family

Mamata Gift to Amithab Family

Mamata Banerjee, the politician who is close to the Bachans family, sent loads of gifts to the entire family on the occasion of Aaradya’s birthday. As the birthday girl, Aaradya received a pink frock from Mamata.

It seems that she even sent a traditional Angrakha and Dhoti to Amithab Bachan and Abhishek Bachan. Jaya received a silk saree while Aishwarya Rai got a maroon colored saree. This came out to the media when Bachans visited the International Film Festival in Kolkata. Jaya Bachan thanked Mamata for all the gifts.

On the occasion of this film festival, Jaya Bachan stated that Aaradya too will come on to the stage one day as an actress from their family. Bachans mentioned that this event turned into their family event.

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