Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu marks as 50th film of Allari Naresh and also celebrates 40 years of Mohan Babu in the Telugu film industry. The movie also has the Allari Mogudu leading ladies – Ramya Krishna and Meena. Poorna plays the heroine and Varun Sandesh plays a supporting role. With such an interesting performers in the main cast, the scope of entertainment becomes huge. Let’s see whether the makers have utilized the scope.

A Still from MMAK
A Still from MMAK

Before the movie commences, a show reel of Mohan Babu is shown emphasizing his 40 year journey in Tollywood. Then a song is followed by having Mohan Babu (as Bhaktavatsala Naidu) and Meena as an introduction. Ramya Krishna plays his second wife. Mohan Babu has a son Gautam (Varun Sandesh). He is supposed to meet a girl Shruti (Poorna), but due to a confusion doesn’t meet her. Bhaktavastala Naidu doesn’t want them to meet and makes plan. He seeks help of an item-boy Bala Raju (Allari Naresh). Shruti eventually falls for Bala Raju. Meanwhile a lot of confusion and chaos happen between the two families. The rest of the film is how confusions are created and cleared and some secrets revealed.

Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Movie Review
Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Movie Review

The movie is being marketed more as an Allari Mogudu sequel which brings a big responsibility. However, Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu cannot be compared to the 90s hit, because it couldn’t get the timing and moments as correctly. Definitely, having Allari Naresh on board is an asset to complement Mohan Babu’s dialogue delivery and timing. But that chemistry between Mohan Babu and the leading ladies are not up to the mark. Not all scenes clicked well. There were situations where the timing was missed or they were poor jokes. Ali is a plus point in the film though. He played a major role and entertained well. The film also some amount of emotional scenes to reveal about certain characters. They are quickly succeeded by a comic scene or a song.

Director Srinivas Redde’s work is appreciable to an extent. This film falls into one of the watchable films of Allari Naresh and also Mohan Babu’s comic style is another factor to make the paisa vasool-ed. In fact, its good to see multi-starrers and make entertaining films instead of acting solo in films that sink at the box office. Ramya Krishna has been given a voice which we are not used to, so it might be little uncomfortable listening to her dialogues. Saritha should have done it for her. Meena was OK. Poorna and Varun Sandesh didn’t have much to deliver and showcase. The music of the film has been composed by three music directors – Koti, Achu and Raghu Kunche, but not even one song is worth hearing again.

On the whole, the movie is a pop-corn entertainer especially if you enjoy watching Allari Naresh brand of comedy and miss Mohan Babu’s entertainment factor of 90s. Watch this if you don’t have other options this week. If you cannot, watching it on Televsion won’t harm too.

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