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Directed by debutant Satya Prabhas Pinnisetty, Malupu is the Telugu version of the Tamil film ‘Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka’ that released last year. The result was a thumbs down there. Well, unsurprisingly the same applies here too. The movie comes from the Pinnisetty family where the director and the hero are the sons of remake specialist Raviraja Pinnisetty.

Aadi in Malupu
Aadi in Malupu

The movie stars Adhi Pinnisetty and Nikki Galrani as the lead pair. Coincidentally Nikki galrani’s other film Krishnashtami is also releasing Today. Coming to Adhi Pinnisetty, he has tried his luck multiple times in Tollywood but never really clicked or got some identity. He is more a part of Tamil movies now than Telugu.

Malupu is a story that is based on a real life incident. Under certain circumstances a rift comes in between a group of friends. This is followed by a protagonist going on a mission to meet an underworld don. Why does he want to meet him and what happens is the rest of the film.

The movie has a dose of many things. The movie has a portion of friendship, some amount of love track, some amount of thriller and many more. In an attempt to engage in multiple aspects the movie ended up being a mixed fare which doesn’t fulfill anything completely. The movie’s main plot is supposed to be the hero on the lookout for a don (played by Mithun Chakravarthy). However it divulges into many areas diluting the soul. The viewer is diverted and fed with so many other things.

The screenplay is also not so gripping and hence the viewer won’t be able to enjoy the malupu (twists). Background score plays an important role with such scripts. However this film lacks that. It could not add any value. Same is the case with cinematography. It was pretty ordinary and again couldn’t add any value.

Malupu Movie Stills
Malupu Movie Stills

The film is good only in parts. The love story is passable. Adhi gives a decent performance but the heroine is pretty average in her performance. Other actors were ok with hardly any memorable performances. The fundamental problem with this film is the rot on which it is built – twist. For the sake of the twist, a nicely running track is stopped abruptly and moved to another. This way constantly the viewers’ attention is hampered.

The movie is a bilingual and hence you would also see the movie lacking in Telugu flavor most of the time. There also actors like Pasupathi, Richa Pallod (after a long time) and Nasser in supporting roles.

On the whole, the movie doesn’t live up to the expectations that was generated by its trailers. The tale of four friends turned into an insipid tale with an unwanted drama.

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