Mallika Sherawath decided to take up Indira Gandhi’s role!

Mallika Sherawat Indira Gandhi Role

Mallika Sherawath, the actress who is on top of the list for controversial acts, comments and videos, is now saying that she likes to work in biopic of Indira Gandhi. Recently she came up with the film “Dirty Politics”.

It turned controversial to some extent and now she is aiming to don the role of Indira Gandhi. There are several interesting topics in the life history of Indira Gandhi. Majority of the analysts are saying that Mallika needs to change herself alot to take up this role.

It seems that Mallika is completely ready for the challenge and she is interested to take up the role of Indira Gandhi at any cost. Hence, if the Nehru’s family gives green signal, Mallika Sherawath will show the best picture to the Indian political fans.

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