Mallika Sherawat in controversy again!

Controversial beauty, Mallika Sherawat, who is known as the kissing queen of Bollywood, is struck in controversy again. As a part of her upcoming film trailer, Mallika Sherawat posed to the cameras, covering her body with Indian flag. This raised the levels of temperature among Indians.


“Dirty Politics” is the flick which is expected to show Mallika Sherawat in a new stlye. Just like “Dirty Picture” for Vidya Balan, this “Dirty Politics” is expected to take Mallika to a new level in Bollywood. But, before release of the flick, Mallika came up with a promotional stunt of wrapping herself with Indian flag.

This news covered entire India like a wild fire and several spectators reacted on this aspect saying that she did a crime. They demanded the film unit and the government to take necessary action. Previously, few beauties were involved in this kind of act. Now, it is the turn of Mallika.

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