Mallika Seeks Motherhood

About a decade ago, Mallika Sherawat was the only name that used to come to the minds of movie lovers when they talk about bold scenes, lip-locks, items songs, exposing, etc.

Mallika Sherawat Motherhood
Mallika Sherawat Motherhood

However, this hot lady has not been seen on Indian silver screen these days. The fact of many Indian actresses including Sunny Leone getting ready to bare for the camera has pushed Mallika into oblivion. She is at present in the US, shooting for a Hollywood movie.

More than her career, her personal life was said to be progressing well. Mallika herself had revealed recently that she had fallen in love and was dating. Latest reports revealed that she has decided to turn a mother, soon after finishing shoot of her film. Her boyfriend has also reportedly agreed to fulfill her desire.

However, the big question is, will she marry him before the birth of her first child?

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