Mallika says Yes to sex, No to kiss!

“I Mind It, I say” – That must be Mallika’s reaction when she was asked to kiss in Hisss by filmmaker Jennifer Lynch. TV channels better buck up for you have got your ‘Breaking News’ in the form of Mallika Sherawat’s yet another ‘hilarious comment’ on a social networking site.


The actress, who didn’t shy away from locking lips with Emraan Hashmi in Murder or even Khwahish, apparently expressed discomfort over doing the same in her forthcoming film Hisss.


Mallika who plays a sexy snake in Hisss recently confessed how she has done nude and intimate scenes in the film but hasn’t kissed! “As a snake I don’t kiss in Hisss, but I lick quite a bit. I swallow whole. I’m naked in some scenes. Hisss will make eyeballs pop out,” revealed Mallika uninhibitedly on the site!


Co-star Irrfan Khan told us, “Hisss is scary, mysterious, exciting, violent, gory. It has nudity in it but the censor board needs to mature before they put their hands on the film as the subject required what has been portrayed by the director.”


We wonder why Mallika said no to kiss in Hisss when she was fine with everything else… We mean after all that’s her forte and given her track record at the box office, isn’t this the wrong time to let go of her USP? Tsk tsk..





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