Mallika rides Ranvir crazy

MUMBAI, JUNE 20 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) A lot happens while shooting for a film… Actor Ranvir Shorey was taken for quite a ride by the hot and sexy Mallika Sherawat on the sets of Ugly Aur Pagli . Ranvir was to ride a scooter in the flick, and had to take a couple of retakes because he was riding a bit too slowly. Mallika decided to ‘handle’ the situation and opted to show Ranvir how a two-wheeler ought to be ridden.

So while Ranvir sat at the back, Mallika wheezed off, only to return about twenty minutes later with a frazzled Ranvir. We’re told, "Mallika knew how to ride the bike, and rode it at a great speed but mid-way asked Ranvir, how to halt the ‘bloody thing’…" Ok, now we understand Ran’s scared, wide-eyed look. 

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