Mallika goes Topless for FHM!

Bollywood’s sex bomb Mallika Sherawat has gone topless for the cover of ‘FHM India magazine’ April 2011 issue. She tried her luck in Hollywood, but she was unable to impress Hollywood directors, now she is back to Bollywood. She had gone topless to grab the Bollywood attention and to get the opportunities.

Mallika Sherawat whose latest indian movie venture was "HISSS" in which she played the role of a snake women ‘Naagin’ who is looking for her lover and killing everyone on the way was not able to satisfy the movie mongers and turned Mallika’s otherwise successful career into a bumpy ride. Mallika went to Hollywood to find producers and directors who would like to work with her after "HISSS" but was not able to do so. So after loosing her Bollywood appeal she turned her attention towards the international cinema but found no success. So now apparently she is giving all she has left to gain the Bollywood attention towards her so that she can get her "sex symbol" title back.

Wait and see whether she could get any opportunities with her act!

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