Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

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Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Movie Review: Sharwanand and Nitya Menon has good talk in the audience that they give high priority to their character in the venture rather than for the remuneration. These actors are among the set of stars who are known for their amazing film selection. Sarwanand came up with few inspiring roles in the past and the same is the case with Nitya Menon. A film in their combination will surely get good attention in the society. Read on to know whether this venture reached the expectations or not.


Sharwanand (Raja Ram) aspires to be the best athlete in running. He feels like bagging a Gold Medal in running. He practices running and will strive hard. But, he loses focus a bit by falling in love with a girl named Nazeera. Nitya Menon (Nazeera) eyes will be the main highlight and it will disturb Raja Ram. Nazeera too tempts him with her expressive eyes but will help him in staying focused on the goal. Both fall in love with one another but a twist will separate them. Raja Ram wins the medal but in personal life some disturbances will happen. “Will he meet Nazeera and will their love story gets a happy ending?” should be seen on the big screen.


Just like his previous ventures, Sharwanand, looked fresh and good in this flick. He worked hard on the expressions and love track of this venture. Another good performance flick from Sarwanand.

Nitya Menon too is equally competent with Sarwanand. She loves to take challenges and this time, she took the challenge to dominate Sarwanand’s role with her amazing expressions. Both the characters were quite appealing and audience will feel the freshness in their story.

Other characters too worked out well and supported the main pair.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, this venture is a rich one. Director is known for his society and concept oriented stories while the actors too were in the same range. Hence, this flick will be a good combination flick. Songs too were well framed and they synced well with the scenes. Production values were well maintained and the editing work was on the average lines.

Makeup for the lead pair was perfect and the audience will surely involve in the love story seeing the lead pair on the silver screen. Nithya Menon was well shown as a Muslim girl. Even though there are few sensitive topics in the venture, film maker made it for sure that the dialogues didn’t touch the sensitive topics, but were on track to attract audience.


This venture is an above average flick with right ingredients and the star cast. Even though there is lag factor in the story of this flick, the entire venture looked good and fresh. As there are no big ventures at the box office, we can expect this flick to get good share of market as per the box office potential.

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