Rating: 4.25/5

Critic Rating: (4.25/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Mallanna is all about the valiant fight of an upright young man Mallanna against the rich and corrupt who stash away millions of ill gotten wealth in foreign countries. The story is how this CBI officer robs the money from the rich and distributes it among the poor and the needy in the society. The film has been made in a stylish manner with a cost of over 60 crore and it took more than two years to hit the screens, but the film proves that it is worth the wait.


The plot:

Mallanna (Vikram) is a CBI officer. He is moved by the plight of millions of poor, homeless and the less fortunate in the state. He along with a group of his childhood friends plans to help the poor. Mallanna is a CBI officer and he along with his friends conducts raids on the corrupt and filthy rich in the state and distributes the unaccounted money to the poor.


Mallanna learns about the plight of the poor through the letters that they write to Lord Mallanna of Sri Sailam. He collects the letters that are tied to a tree outside the temple with the help of the temple priest and then helps them with cash that they need for education, medical treatment, marriage etc.


Malllanna conducts raids a rich businessman PPP Punyakoti (Ashish Vidyarthi) and unearths crores of unaccounted money. PPP then acts as if he has suffered a paralytic stroke in a bid to escape the arm of the law. PPP’s daughter Subbalakshmi (Shreya) wants to take revenge on Mallanna for the suffering he has inflicted on her father.


She acts as if she is in love with Malllanna. Will Mallanna fall for the charms of Shreya? No, he is a very smart and intelligent officer and he sees through her game very easily. Prabhu, an intelligence officer is assigned the task of finding out the identity of Mallanna.


Mallanna manages to do all the good work with the help of his boss Krishna Rao (Krishna). The rest of the film is a cat and mouse game between Mallanna, PPP, Rajamohan a rich industrialist who is a baddie and Prabhu who is out to remove the mask from Mallanna’s face.


The film finally ends with Mallanna managing to complete the task he has set out. He also wins the hand of Shreya.


The actors:

Vikram is superb as the masked man Mallanna. Mallanna is like a super hero Spiderman and Batman but he is more believable and the director takes care to show that his stunts and fights are natural and believable. Vikram also does a great job as the CBI officer. Vikram looks good in a lady get up and dances to some remix Hindi songs. In all Vikram appears in five different roles and his roles as Mallanna and CBI officer are very powerful and impressive.


Shreya Saran looks good and she has exposed her new lean and fit figure to get the maximum impact and exposure. Shreya does justice to her role as an arrogant daughter of a rich man and a passionate lover.


Krishna appears in a brief role as a CBI officer and boss of Vikram. Ashish Vidyarthi is okay and Prabhu does a good job as an intelligence chief. There is a hot item song by Mumaith Khan in a moving bus and it has the desired impact on the audience.


Best scene:

There are two good scenes in the film. One is in the corn field where Mallanna comes to the rescue of a poor aged farmer who is about to be set afire by the goons.


The other is set in the vast plains of Mexico where Vikram fights with the goons blindfolded and his arms tied to his back.



The film has been made on a lavish budget and it can be scene in every frame in the film. The costumes, locations are all top class. The story is good and the screenplay interesting.


Devi Sree Prasad’s music is good and the background scores are also good.


Vikram has sung four songs in the film and the best song is “Excuse me Mr. Mallanna…”


The bottom line!

Mallanna is a technically brilliant film in which all the 24 departments have done a great job and the film is a visual treat from start to finish. Mallanna is a must watch film not just for all Vikram fans but for all sections of the audience.



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