Malayali director clashes with audience at Cannes!

Malayali director Rupesh Paul of Kamasutra 3d fame had an unfortunate spat with the audience at the Cannes International Film Festival after the teaser trailer of his next movie The Vanishing Act was screened there.


Apparently, the movie is about the infamous and tragic incident of the Malayasian Airlines flight that disappeared some time ago and Rupesh’s movie seemingly shed the Malaysian Government and its officials in a bad light; this of course offended some members of the international audience and voila… we have ourselves a fight.

Rupesh’s movie last year, the controversial Kamasutra 3d, too led to a few unruly incidents there. It looks like the director either likes the publicity his creations draw, in whatever form, or he simply doesn’t care…

Any way you look at it, the director sure seems to have a knack for attracting trouble.

And as if to pile on to the existing news hype surrounding him and his movies, he has of course chosen the newcomer and yet another porn star turned actress Shanthi Dynamite as the lead in his next flick which is, according to him, a ‘Gangster- Horror- Erotica’!

Well, with Sunny Leone’s celebrity status and ‘fan following’ sky rocketing these days, the formula looks fool proof and the Indian audience with its taste for this brand of entertainment eagerly waits to see the film maker’s vision on the big screen…

Watch the teaser trailer of The Vanishing Act:

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