Malayalam Actress Hurt with Rumors

Malayalam actress Amala Rose Kurian was so hurt with the rumors about her on social media that she has threatened of committing suicide if rumor mongers don’t stop spreading false news regarding her.

Amala Rose Kurian
Amala Rose Kurian

A few days ago, a small time actress named Amala was reportedly arrested by police on prostitution charges. Soon, some people started spreading on social media that the arrested actress was Amala Rose. In no time, she was flooded with hate comments and ill advises.

The actress took to her social media page to give a stern warning to the gossipmongers and lamented that she was not the woman to have been arrested. ‘I am a middle-class conservative woman, who has entered this industry with a pure passion. But, with these kinds of rumors in circulation, it becomes hard for a small town girl like me to survive in the industry,’ she added.

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