Malaika Shared a hard-hitting message to Perverts

The recent incident of Molesting Banglore girl on the 31st night of December shook the nation. Some critics are saying that it is a woman’s responsibility to defend themselves by not wearing short dresses. Vexed with these comments, Malaika Arora asks these critics whether it was in the tradition of India to molest women who wear revealing dresses. She even shared a thought provoking message posted by a netizen Darshan Modular.

Malaika Arora Khan
Malaika Arora Khan

In brief, the message talks about the places where the girls and women are facing this molestation. A girl is facing molestation in a function with inappropriate touchings. Then as a part of defense, she goes to a party where there are bouncers to protect, but she faces the same molestation from perverts. Then she goes to the movie with a male friend as a matter of safety, but those perverts haunt in theaters as well. Even in public transport traveling with body covered clothes, these men follow her and show her the hell with iron rods (Nirbhaya Issue). Still, it’s her responsibility for defending herself.

Then the girl goes to school with a uniform, and they follow to molest her. Afraid to go out due to these perverts, she prefers to stay at home. But these perverts come in the name of relatives and tear her clothes in the bedroom. At last, she defends herself by locking herself in the bathroom; those filthy perverts peep through the keyhole. She finally prefers to stay inside forever losing her confidence to come out permanently. If she comes out, she can be an Astronaut, A gold medal winning Olympic champion, A soldier to win wars and even win the entire world. This message for sure is heart touching.

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