Major Ravi creates Pakistan in Rajasthan

Following the suit of other directors in managing budgets and logistics in these days of financial crisis in Mollywood, Major Ravi has decided not to shoot part of his new movie, Picket 43 starring Prtihviraj, in Pakistan where the story is set but instead recreate the ‘mini Pakistan’ in Rajasthan!


Major Ravi, the soldier turned director, came in to the Malayalam film industry with a refreshing take on military life and action with soul, in general. His movies like Keerthichakra, Kandahar and others that came after even helped superstar Mohanlal gain an honorary military rank from the Government – Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army.

But the passionate film maker’s one note, one topic storytelling soon lost its magic – at least among the fans – as several of his movies in the last few years were commercial failures.


So this one really needs to hit home as far as he is concerned and the lead hot Prithviraj brand should help him usher the crowds in this time for the real ‘ka ching’.
Picket 43 is a slightly different tale of war from the Major as this one largely focuses on a friendship – between a Pakistani soldier and an Indian one! The director is known for putting a human face of many emotional dimensions on our men in uniform instead of just portraying them as macho, patriotic killing machines.

Yes, this is a story worth telling in these times of prejudicial hatred and if executed well could mean a movie worth remembering in years to come.

Currently the Major is also involved in another spectacle; he is to play in an exhibition volleyball match along with Mohanlal for the 122 Territorial Army team in a tournament organized by the Kannur Press Club. The talented ex soldier is to play ball on May 7th on the collectorate grounds in Kannur.

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