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Despite extravagant publicity that preceded the release of Maisamma IPS, the net result remains a damp show. None other than the present political cream of Tollywood and Central minister Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao has provided the story and screenplay for Mumaith’s debut film as heroine. The belligerent effort to show Mumaith Khan in a larger than life role proved fatal to the movie’s success in almost all the centres.  


A girl child is born to a helpless mother when the jatara (a public religious festival) of Goddess Maisamma is going on in a Telengana village. The child is named as Maisamma. Her parents are killed in a natural calamity. The child is taken care of by her sister Durga.A small time rowdy Sadhu (Sayaji Shinde) marries Durga and forces her to do prostitution for his political ambitions. At one stage, the rowdy tries to rape minor girl Maisamma. While both sister run for their life, Sadhu prompts his dogs to kill his wife Durga, while Maisamma escapes. She later becomes a police officer Maissamma IPS (Mumaith Khan). She lives for one goal – to kill those who is responsible for her sister’s miserable life followed by her death.


The characterization is weak and confused. Mumaith Khan has excellent body language to do a powerful police officer, but she could not succeed when it comes to expression of the required emotion and feelings. Though she played the heroine, the audience found it difficult to digest her sudden change from an item girl with vamp-like shades. Sayaji Shinde is a perfect fit for the negative role. His graduation from a dog-catcher to Home minister is a lampoon on politics. TV anchor Prabhakar, who did the role of a constable, came out with absurd histrionics, thoroughly marred by extra-dose of acting. LB Sriram’s miserable role as a helpless father is sickening to watch.   

Technical Values

 This macabre story completely lacks novelty. It is like watching a highly contrived Crime serial without planning. The screenplay replenishes with gang rapes, incest, violence and sadism. The scene in which a girl becomes the victim of her dad’s carnal desires is loathsome to watch. At a time when a civilized society doesn’t like to even read such stuff in the newspapers, the director’s effort to show them right on the big screen is repulsive? Of course, you have a couple of songs worth watching. You don’t have healthy comedy, as you feel pity for yourself watching such scenes. Though, Mumaith Khan is made to wear stylish and strange dresses on the lines of an action heroine of Hollywood, the effort is rendered waste. Direction by  Bharath Parepalli is disgusting from start to the finish. Production values are average.  

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