Main difference between Telugu and Hindi Kick

“Kick” film got immense attention from Telugu audience. Ravi Teja’s role got good craze in this flick. The comedy he is involved in and the action sequences he worked on, got good response from the critics as well as the spectators. Unfortunately, Bollywood “Kick” didn’t get this status. Even though, there are high voltage stunt sequences, this flick didn’t attract audience like the Telugu “Kick”.


“What is the main difference between Telugu and Hindi Kick?” turned out to be the point. If we clearly look at the sequences, we can come to a conclusion that Hindi “Kick” doesn’t have Brahmanandam’s sequences. In Telugu, 70% of the comedy credit goes to Brahmanandam. His sequences with Ravi Teja, Ileana and Ali were highlights for the flick.

As this sequence is not well maintained in the Bollywood, it looked a bit different. With respect to action and style, Bollywood venture is up to the mark but with respect to comedy sequences, Tollywood is the best. This is the main difference between “Kick” in Telugu and in Hindi.

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