Main Aur Mrs Khanna Movie Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

You know you are in trouble when you start noticing the clothes in a film. About half hour into Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, I started to admire Kareena Kapoor’s jackets.


Kareena plays Raina, an estranged wife who has a low-paying job in an airport shop but manages nonetheless, to wear superbly stylish, expensive-looking jackets.


As it turns out, they were the best part of the film. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, written and directed by debutant Prem Soni, is about the Khannas, a loving couple in Melbourne whose marriage becomes strained when Samir, played by Salman Khan, loses his job. They still live in a big house and she looks perfectly styled down to her French manicure so I’m not sure what the fight is about. But Mr Khanna soon becomes very grumpy. He moves to Singapore and orders her to return to her hometown Dalhousie. She refuses to comply and decides to stay on in Melbourne.


But before you can worry about the sad and suddenly single Raina, she finds a group of friends, a job and even a big house. The friends include Aakash, played by Sohail Khan, who of course falls in love with her. When Samir becomes successful and returns, he finds that there are three people in the marriage. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is so amateurishly written that it’s hard to figure out what exactly Prem Soni is trying to achieve.


There is no real conflict between the Khannas and the one the director creates is so lame that you are not the least bit concerned or engaged by it. The dialogue, also written by Soni, doesn’t improve the ridiculous script: at one point, Salman wipes a tear, looks at it on his finger tip and exclaims: Not cool Mr Khanna.


As usual, Salman mumbles and stumbles through the role but the surprise is that even Kareena, who looks lovely, opts for minimal engagement. She is downright awful in a drunken New Year scene. Which means that lesser mortals like Sohail, Dino Morea, Yash Tonk and Bhappi Lahiri, yes you heard right, Bhappi Lahiri, in full gold regalia, must carry the load.


Not surprisingly, the film sinks like a stone. Much of the action in Main Aurr Mrs Khanna takes place at the airport. But that’s not the only reason you will feel like you’re stuck in transit. Steer clear.(Ndtv)

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