Mahesh’s Serious Advice to Pawan Kalyan!

Superstar Mahesh Babu and power star Pawan Kalyan are the two top most stars who are often debated to be the contenders for the top chair.

Mahesh Babu Advice to Pawan Kalyan
Mahesh Babu Advice to Pawan Kalyan

Despite the competition shown by their respective fans, the stars share mutual understanding and bond very well when they meet each other at private functions. It is now heard that Mahesh has recently given advice to Pawan, who is more active on political front than on film these days.

Reportedly, Mahesh advised Pawan to plan movies with only top directors and not risk with remakes and unpopular directors. However, Pawan looks to have conveniently sidelined Mahesh’s advice as his line-up of films speaks volumes about his stubbornness.

Pawan’s last film was directed by Bobby and two out of his next three films will be directed by Dolly and Tamil director Neason and both are remakes.

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