Mahesh Vs Pawan – Heroines’ choice

Prince Mahesh Babu and Power Star Pawan Kalyan are hot favorites in South Indian film industry. These actors got places in the “India’s most desirable man” list in the past. In fact, these actors even pushed few Bollywood heroes aside in this aspect.


On the other hand, heroines from all the film industries are trying to get into Tollywood. In this scenario, “Who among these 2 actors is the main love interest of the heroines?” turned out to be the point. After “Dookudu”, several heroines chanted the name of Mahesh while the same heroines changed their route towards Pawan soon after “Atharintiki Daredhi”.

Hence, deciding the heroines’ choice is too tough in this aspect. If Mahesh blasted the box office with “Aagadu”, heroines may move towards Mahesh’s side. Else, they may choose to move towards Pawan’s side if “Gopala Gopala” wins the game.

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