Mahesh replaced Nagarjuna in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu!!

“Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu”, the show which got huge TRP ratings in Andhra Pradesh is now getting ready to entertain audience again. This time, MEK will not be focused on the small screen. This show will be seen on the silver screen in Mahesh’s upcoming film “Aagadu”.


As per the details, “Aagadu” movie will have a scene in which Mahesh Babu will host MEK just like Nagarjuna. Few people felt exciting knowing this aspect as seeing Mahesh in Nagarjuna’s avatar is a treat for the audience. On the other hand, few others commented that Srinu Vaitla copied this aspect from “Gabbar Singh”.

In “Gabbar Singh”, there is an anthakshari scene which will make audience feel the peaks of comedy in that movies. Now, few people are commenting that this MEK episode will be just like the anthakshari episode in “Gabbar Singh”. Just the avatars and the questions will change while the item remains the same. Lets see what Mahesh has for us in the box!

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