Mahesh Khaleja Public Talk After Premiere Show

Mahesh Khaleja till now bagged mixed response from premiere shows.

Hero Introduction scene is good

Mahesh Babu show all together, he was awesome, fresh and different with comedy.

Anushka beauty is advantage

Trivikram Comedy

Anushka looks hot in second song. Mahesh Babu too.

3songs good on screen

Cinematography by Yash Bhatt is highlight

superb Actions sequences

first half is better then second half

down tempo in second half is minus

regular story line

great interval bang

sava siva song picturisation superb

first half includes-comedy, hero heroine love drama, few fights and a great interval bang which is huge asset for the movie

second half sava siva song come first and good. rest both song avg, bad editing, slow narration, down tempo good climax over all one man show by mahesh babu

Khaleja 1st half intresting hillarinous..mahesh nd trivikram live upto the expectations,masses will be disappointed,

first half is adequate..mind blowing interwel bang..

Amazing action sequences

superb dialogue delivery and punches by mahesh

First song taxi.. Bagundi… Different slang tho Mahesh dialogues..

completely new mahesh in dialogue delivery, mannerism and body language

ITS a family entertainer guys ….. a bit difference in the dialogue delivery…….. thats it ….. disappointing the youth…..

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