Mahesh Kathi vs Pawan Kalyan Fans

Self proclaimed critic Mahesh Katti has become famous with the Bigg Boss show. Even after the show, he is trying to maintain his popularity by irking fans of star heroes.

Mahesh Kathi Vs Pawan Kalyan Fans
Mahesh Kathi Vs Pawan Kalyan Fans

recently Mahesh has given a big interview to a Youtube channel. In that interview, he stated that he never feel Pawan Kalyan as a fine actor and for him, Pawan is only banking on his craze among fans. Not stopping there, he criticised the political stands of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena by saying that he doesn’t do anything more that Tweets and Public meetings. These comments have irked the fans of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and started war on him with tweets and warning messages.

Mahesh is saying that he will book cases on all the fans who are warning him. He advised all the star heroes to control their fans once in awhile.

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