Mahesh Kathi Review On Agnyaathavaasi Teaser

Mahesh Kathi is a popular personality in both the Telugu states. He is slowly getting the attention as he is constantly criticising Pawan Kalyan. Mahesh Kathi is criticising Pawan Kalyan and is involved in a war with Pawan fans on the social media. Day by day, their war is exceeding the limits and still, Mahesh is not stepping back in raising voice against the actor.

Mahesh Kathi on Agnyaathavaasi Teaser
Mahesh Kathi on Agnyaathavaasi Teaser

Mahesh Kathi has recently commented on the new teaser of Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi movie. Talking about the teaser, the filmmaker cum critic told that the film is a copy of a Hollywood movie. Largo Vinch is said to be the film that Trivikram has copied the story from. Mahesh posted the link to the same and asked his followers to remember the film name so that he can discuss it after the release of Agnyaathavasi.

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