Mahesh Kathi Goes to High Court

Cine critic Kathi Mahesh was expelled from entering the Hyderabad city after he made controversial comments on Hindu God Rama. Kathi Mahesh was expelled from the city of Hyderabad without being given a prior warning.

Kathi Mahesh High Court
Kathi Mahesh High Court

The critic approached the High Court, as he feels that his Fundamental Rights are being snatched away from him. “They,(Telangana police) robbed me of my livelihood. I was expelled without a prior warning. This is unacceptable”, told Kathi Mahesh to a spokesperson. He has appointed an advocate and is ready to fight against the happenings. Kathi Mahesh is currently staying in Bengaluru at his friend’s residence. Mahesh Kathi adds that he has been targeted because he is a Dalit.

Kathi Mahesh’s legal advisor told a media person that Kathi Mahesh’s Fundamental Rights were hurt. “They have no rights to expel him all of a sudden. A 24-hour window was to be given. It is clear that they tried to snatch his rights”, Ravi Bhalla told. After studying the case, the court has ordered Telangana government to give an explanation on this issue within three days.

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