Mahesh Daughter Sitara Fears for Insects and Bees

Sitara is the cutie pie for all Mahesh fans. The daughter of Mahesh Babu and Namratha fears for insects and bees. Namratha revealed the same on Instagram and told that she did something to eliminate Sitara’s fear.

Mahesh Daughter Sitara
Mahesh Daughter Sitara

“It was all about a bee .. she doesn’t like insects and bees lead the pack ??she saw one right outside the hotel sitting on some pretty sunflowers … and that was it !! She didn’t wana step out of the hotel !! Finally this walk was to get her to deal with her fears !! I’m hoping it worked ♥️♥️” posted Namratha on her Instagram profile.

Namratha’s sister Shilpa replied asking, “h god another one in the family who fears insects and flies???? plz let me know chin if its worked❣️❣️❣️❣️” to which Namratha again answered, “partially !! Yes?”

Namratha is currently looking after the production activities of Major starring Adivi Sesh in the lead.

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