Mahesh Babu’s Unknown Secret

Mahesh Babu is undoubtedly one of the biggest star heroes, but he becomes just a normal father and husband at his home.

Mahesh Babu With his Kids
Mahesh Babu With his Kids

Despite his busy shooting schedules, Mahesh always makes sure to have 3-4 yearly foreign vacations with his family. If he has to go to foreign for film shooting, he makes sure to call home every day and speaks to his children. An interesting detail about Mahesh has come out now that he always asks the makers of his films to start the shooting after 10 AM.

It is not that he has any kind of sentiment, but Mahesh likes to spend time with Gautham and Sitara until they go to school every day. He is heard never to come out of the home before ten just because of his children. The more we learn of Mahesh, the more we wonder about his care for Gautham and Sitara.

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