Mahesh Babu’s remuneration figures confusing fans

Prince Mahesh Babu is the top star with respect to endorsements in South India. This actor dominated all the heroes in Tollywood by getting around 30 Crores exclusively from endorsements every year. Apart from this, his remuneration will add more to the list.


As per the details, Mahesh Babu is getting around 20 Crores as remuneration in Tollywood. This is actually the talk in the industry and only Mahesh and Pawan are on 20 Crores plus slab in Telugu film industry. Prabhas too joined this club with “Bahubali”, but he is taking it for 2 years span while Mahesh and Pawan take it for a maximum of one year.

Interestingly, Bhavya Creations made up a deal with Mahesh for 18 Crores package and this is raising the levels of suspense. “Did ‘One’ failure show its affect on Mahesh’s remuneration or is the 20 Crores talk in the industry is a fake one?” is the doubt which is confusing the fans. Analysts are saying that this reduce in remuneration might be the affect of ‘One’.

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