Mahesh Babu- Trivikram Movie Shelved?

This is the hottest rumor that is making rounds in film circuit. Mahesh Babu-Trivikram’s movie is apparently shelved, is the grapevine that has been in air.

It seems that the managers and drivers those were engaged for this project have returned back after declaring that the project got shelved. The reasons for this shelving are not known in full, but the main reason that is being heard is Mahesh Babu is not that inclined towards that project at present.

Apart from this, initially Parvati Melton was considered for the role and later she was discarded and Anushka was booked. There has been some mismanagement in the whole set up which has disturbed Mahesh Babu, as per sources. On a whole, the fresh news that has broken in this evening is about the shelving of the project.

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