Mahesh Babu’s Surprise Visit!

Super Star Mahesh Babu, who is a busy actor with the shooting of his films and Ads had surprised his Make-Up man by attending to his new house-warming ceremony.Mahesh Babu, who makes very few public appearances has made his make-up man very happy by attending to his house warming ceremony, after returning from his weeklong family holiday in Singapore. Make-Up man, Pattabi was thrilled and excited to have a guest like Mahesh in his new house.

Pattabhi who works as as personal make-up man for Mahesh Babu invited the actor for his new home ceremony. Mahesh who was in Singapore city over the past week, returned home shortly and straight away visited Pattabi’s new home. Even Pattabi did not expect that Mahesh would turn up to the ceremony and was literally on cloud nine with Mahesh Babu’s gesture.

Mahesh Babu is scheduled to resume shooting for director Sukumar’s next film from tomorrow.Kriti Sanon is the heroine opposite Mahesh in the movie.

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