Mahesh Babu in Chiranjeevi’s story?

As we are aware that Mahesh Babu has committed himself to do a film Murugadoss, speculations started whether what kind of story will be in this film. Murugadoss is a director who mostly pitches the story around a social cause, his hero fights for the society and brings his bit of change to the society. Such kinds of genres are Murugadoss subjects.

Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu
Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu

Ramana, Stalin, Kaththi, Thupaki are similar kind of stories where the hero fights against a villain or for a particular cause that has been a serious problem in the major part of the society. Now, Mahesh’s film is also based on the social subject, says rumors. Talk also has that Mahesh will be fighting against Law and Order system in Murugadoss directorial.

Interestingly, this story was offered to Chiranjeevi, who didn’t agree to do this film. Murugadoss has directed Mega Star Chiranjeevi in “Stalin,” that released in 2006 and became a huge hit. Earlier to that, Chiru remade Murugadoss’s “Ramana” as “Tagore” in 2003 which became a blockbuster in his career. Murugadoss, before narrating “Stalin” has narrated another story to Chiranjeevi. This story revolves around a common man and his fight over the faults in our law system. Though Chiru dropped the plan as the story has some similarities with “Tagore.”

Now, Mahesh Babu-Murugadoos story is being rumored around Law and Order; many are doubting that this story could be the same story Murugadoss then narrated to Chiru.

Since Mahesh Babu is being a big star, Murugadoss may do some changes to the story and bring it on to the sets, says tensile town.

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