Mahesh Babu harmful for your computer

Star Mahesh Babu is easily one of the top most desired men in the country, given his great looks and charming personality. But that’s not all, he is also one of the top most searched hero in the virtual world called internet. Mahesh holds the highest number of searches and there is a little bad news added to that. He is also top on the searches with virus infected web sites that will harm your computer/laptop while entering those sites. As per the recent study by an anti virus company, most of the viruses and malware are backed with out favourite star images and news. Mahesh leads the number with 43 infected websites, Ram Charan on 42, and Power Star Pawan Kalyan on 40. The list has other celebrities of tollywood like NTR Junior on 35, Allu Arjun on 34 and actresses Anjali and Illeana on 39 qand 36 respectively. The recent viral search on Mahesh for his film 1-Nenokkadiney proved to be the heaviest in the recent times. Talk about the star status and infections. Don’t sound great in one single sentence. Do they?

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