Mahesh Babu In 2 States Telugu Remake

Talk about using the ‘tried and tested’ formula to set the Box office on fire!

The Bollywood movie ‘2 States’ minted money at the Box Office. Multiple reasons were responsible for the same.


Firstly, it is an adaptation of the bestseller by the same name written by Chetan Bhagat. This ensured that the ones who have read the book and loved it would throng the theaters to see how the movie had turned out.

On the other hand, those who hadn’t read the book went there to see what exactly the buzz was all about.

Either ways, it was a win-win situation for the makers as the film went on to earn in excess of 100 Crores and counting..

Now, if rumours are anything to go by, then ‘2 States’ will be remade in Telugu.

That’s right! Sources in the industry have been buzzing with the news that well-known producer PVP has bought the remake rights for the film.

However, there has been no official confirmation from the producer’s side.

Also, the bigger news is that Mahesh Babu is rumoured to be playing the lead in this movie.

Given the Pan Indian appeal of the story, 2 States’ Telugu remake is expected to earn millions at the Box Office since it has none other than Prince himself in the lead who will fit the character of ‘Krish’ perfectly.

The news of Mahesh Babu in 2 States Telugu Remake will surely excite Prince’s fans.

Official announcement regarding the movie will be made soon.

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