Mahesh and Lara Got Engaged

After a lot of speculation, it is finally revealed that tennis ace Mahesh Bhupati and Lara Dutta are now officially engaged. Announcing it on Twitter, Mahesh Bhupati wrote, “So Lara and me got engaged in NY last week”. The news got confirmed when Lara re-tweeted it with a smiley face.


While Lara tweeted about her recent New York trip, the news of their engagement was a surprise even as the couple has been seeing each other for quite some time.


Lara had written earlier this week, “Catching up with friends and visiting my old neighbourhood in NYC! The cup cakes at Magnolia r still the best by far! I love this city!! Finished a 7am boot camp class in NYC! Came crawling out of it! Thought I was going 2 pass out, but survived!! Cupcake as reward! ;-)"


In the past, the two have remained tight-lipped about their relationship, and beyond the public signs of affection, they have never acknowledged that they are a couple.


Clearly, the two are in ‘love’ and guess they are now happy to let know the world about it.


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