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The prolonged wait for “Maharadhi” at last did find an outlet. The combination of P. Vasu, director of “Chandramukhi” and Balayya throw many expectations on the audience initially. But, slowly the heat had died down. The movie got released without any big expectations. Going by this formula, you don’t get disappointed. But if you miss it, you are at your own risk.
Chamundeshwari (Jayaprada) is the head of a dance school in Rishikesh. Krissh alias Krishna (Balakrishna) is appointed as the dance teacher. Opposite her school, one Chowdary (Naresh) runs a music college, in which Bala (Balakrishna) works a music teacher. The lady boss wants Krishna to lure Kalyani (Meera Jasmine), daughter of Chowdary to join her college. In the course of time, Kalyani falls in love with Krishna. Meanwhile, a laborer Balayya (Balakrishna) emerges as a mass person, who is loved by the elder daughter of Chamundeswari. What is the relationship between the principals of dance school and music school? Are there three heroes or all those just one person playing three roles? It has to be watched on the big screen only.
Balakrishna appears in three gets ups. After a long time, the audience will see NBK in homely attire, despite doing treble roles. He did all the roles with perfect ease. However, the character which he does with a beard is not liked by all. There is much ruggedness and a sort of peevish look on him. Barring this, NBK did superb performance.
Sneha dominates the two other heroines thanks to her graceful looks and neat performance. There is a feel among the audience that the chemistry between her and NBK worked out well on the screen. Coming to Meera Jasmine, she played the role in the routine mould of teasing the hero and not that much impressive. The role played by the third one Navneet Kaur is disappointing and holds no punch.
Jaya Prada appears as a fiery lady who is divorced. There is nice entertainment in her characterization. The women audience will feel at home watching Jaya Prada yet with dialogues also. However, you find that the charm of Jaya Prada is gone and make-up dominated the same.
Naresh played the divorced husband to Jaya Prada.
Kovai Sarala played the mom role. And her tragic death is moving.
Rallapalli did an adequate role.
Technical Values
There is no grip on the story. Projecting Balakrishna in three shades bring in some confusion initially, but it soon turns unconvincing.
Director P. Vasu tried his level best to project Balayya in new shades, but he ended up in the routine and yesteryears like treatment. The audience knowing that the movie is directed by one who made international super hit “Chandramukhi” will get disappointed at the raw deal.
Screenplay is mediocre. Like Chandramukhi, he reserved everything for the climax part. But when the blast takes place all of a sudden and the effect is not that much rippling, it sure gives vent to disappointment.
Music by Guru Kiran is average to good. A couple of songs are good. Balakrishna Balakrishna song is a treat to fans.
Comedy is weak and much of the responsibility is shouldered by NBK himself.
Stunts are not chiseled in the right taste. Going by the title and expectations of the audience, this department gets a scratch treat only the second half.
Cinematography is excellent, angling on the beautiful locales of Rishikesh and surrounding areas.
The movie is opened to an above average talk. However, it will let down if you reach theatre with expectations.
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