Magadheera is a pure copy of my novel says SP Chari

It is a known thing that producer Allu Aravind has been alleging the makers of Raabta that they have copied his flick Magadheera. Now he got alleged by a novel writer that Aravind copied his novel.

SP Chari -Maghadheera
SP Chari -Maghadheera

Going into the details, a writer named SP Chari has written a novel titled Chanderi. Now he is claiming that the makers of Magadheera have completely copied his novel and earned crores by changing one or two details. According to him, the story of Chanderi is all about two lovers Hara and Indumathi in the Kingdom of Orcha in Madhya Pradesh will commit suicide and get rebirth after 400 years. In this life, they both will get married whereas in Magadheera the names were changed to Harsha and Indu.

Chari said that he has lodged a complaint in Telugu Film Chamber earlier, but none has responded. All of a sudden, this writer is warning the makers of Magadheera to answer him before he approaches the court for legal action on them.

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