Mafia attacks on Bollywood producers


There is a buzz in the media that several celebrities in Bollywood maintain relations with Mafia. This proved out to be true in the latest incident. It seems that a film maker and his financiers got issues regarding money. This gave chance to Mafia to enter the situation to settle the case.

As per the reports, Ali Morani’s family has been attacked by 2 unknown people in their Juhu Residency. They fired 5 rounds during this attack and luckily no one was injured. Just before this incident, Ali Morani got threatening call from a guy called Ravi Pujari.

All these are stated to be the acts of Mafia and Ali Morani’s family is now under Police protection. It seems that Mafia gives warning calls to the people before making an attack. Mumbai Police department took up the case and is investigating on this.

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