Madras Official Trailer

Karthi’s upcoming film Madras, which has been painted as a much needed ‘hit’ for him, has got its official trailer out and its quite an interesting one to say the least! Madras Official Trailer


The trailer doesn’t have the usual mass masala entertainment moments with the ‘hero’ and as promised Karthi’s character seems to be an average joe who is put in a very tough situation.

The background music is rather unique and the love story between Karthi and Catherine Teresa, the female lead, seems intriguing. But it is the violence and the action which brings the trailer to the reality of the situation and the setting of the movie – the goondaism and the street crimes of North Chennai.

The film’s makers had said that they wouldn’t be focusing on Karthi alone as the ‘one man army’ male lead but have are choosing instead to portray a whole community and this really comes through in the trailer.

The friendships, the families as well as the romance of the two youths all seem essential and central to the storyline which should definitely take a dark turn somewhere along the line. Truly an opportunity for the actors to shine as well as deliver a pop corn munching good time to the viewers.

The film is being directed by Pa. Ranjith and being produced by Studio Green, The music of the film has been scored by Santhosh Narayan.

The movie is set for set to release towards the last week of July, and the fans wait eagerly..

Watch the Madras Official Trailer here:

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