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Suresh Productions has once again proved that novel-based stories would sure provide the family entertainment on the tested lines. A good movie and it comes out with multi-dimensional views on love and philosophy of life.
Sanjay (Sumanth) is a pragmatist to the core and it is needless to say – he is unmoved by the regular human emotions. Here let us say, love. Maya (Parvati Melton) is Sanjay’s associate and she loves the absolute freedom in private and personal life. At the same time, she is an admirable lady. Hamsa (Sneha) is quite opposite to Maya. She gives top priority to human love, customs and traditions. Motherless, she lives with her dad. The third lady Manga is from rural background. She starts loving Sanjay with a hope of getting married to him.But everything not the same. Soon, things begin to change for all. Love’s labor lost becomes the concept between Sanjay and Sneha, with both set against each other. Maya too knows the aftereffects of freedom. Manga realizes the unfeasibility of her approach towards Sanjay. Driven by circumstances, Sanjay starts budging to emotions. Hamsa, shedding the sentimental mold begins to call a spade a spade. Maya gives up her carefree life and feels all the more insecure and behaves responsibly.
What are the circumstances that changed the mindsets of these characters? It forms the climax.
Sumanth handled his characterization with superb ease. He perfectly showed the balance between the two shades of responsibility – practical and sentimental. Sneha looks beautiful and glamorous from start to finish. Her presence is very appealing on the screen, dominating the song and dance division too.Parvati Melton brought complete justice to her portrayal as a carefree and voluptuous style of living – and she did without effort. The characterization of Manga is also chiseled very aptly.
Venu Madhav enlivens the comedy streak in combination with Dharmavarapu. The comedy around the cell phone talk is not impressive. The comedy thread involving Jayaprakash Reddy and MSN is adequate. D. Ramanaidu appears in a guest role.
All the other characters fitted well into their respective shoes going by the demands of the storyline.
Technical Values
The story is based on the novel of Balabadrapatruni Ramani. Suresh Productions which did successful movies based on the novels earlier has once again repeated the success with this flick. Direction by Chandra Siddarth is inspiring. Though you don’t have mass masala elements, he makes the movie fit for a straight watch. He succeeded in giving a pictorial substance to the human feelings on the screen. Despite his best efforts to kill the boredom element, it, somehow, makes a desperate effort to show its head on and often.
Dialogue writer Satyanand should be commended for his nice handling of the talkie with natural flow. The comedy department though not an integral part in the movie has some strength to tickle the audience. Mani Sharma’s music though impressive has no special appeal to the ears of regular movie buffs. The locations of the songs are very nice.
The movie has generated a positive talk thanks to the treatment of love in a different manner. However, it’s too family-oriented for the mass audiences to watch.
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