Madhu Shalini’s finger video creates hate waves

This is the perfect example of a celebrity endorsing her sex appeal with the mission to capitalize on even the noblest of the causes. Madhu Shalini, God knows why she did it, but her latest video trending called How to use your finger! Is generating disrespect and hate waves online.


The video produced by a media firm in the City shows the actress sitting in a seducing pose, talking about her intention to ‘use her finger’ like she has done it a long time ago, and about to show the viewers how to do it again. The actress pouts and glances sexily as she changes the topic suddenly saying that the finger was all about voting and nothing else.

Well, this could have been a message with good intent, but mostly did not go down well with the educated section of the online traffic. Many expressed that the video is very regressive while promoting a great subject like voting in the country.

Director Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter in no time and shared the video with a satirical remark – This is the most novel way of giving a mesg..The man who directed the girl earlier himself could not stop from sharing this hilarious method of appealing to vote.

Looks like the struggling actresses with great bodies and no impact on screen have to now drop the act and start looking for other options than mixing their oomph with the Lok Sabha Elections!

Not Working folks!

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